"The smallest feline is a masterpiece"

-Leonardo Da Vinci, Italian artist



Updated 8/10/2017


Meet Snowy. She is a solid white female, approx. 11 years old. She is an indoor kitty only and tends to be a bit shy; however, she just loves to be petted and will purr up a storm. Snowy probably would do best in a one- or two-cat household.

This will be Snowy's 3rd try at a forever home, as she has been adopted twice before and later came back to us through absolutely no fault of her own. Snowy is a lovely, and loving, little girl. Don't let her age frighten you. She's not getting old, she's becoming more mature. And as those of us who are also getting older know, maturity brings its own rewards. Because of Snowy's age, though, we do want to take her to the veterinarian for bloodwork, etc., before she will be ready for adoption. In the meantime, please feel free to call and inquire about her.


Here is another picture of our sweet Snowy, showing off her style and physique. Ahh, to look that good at that age! Age is nothing to fear. What counts is what is inside and, in this case, Snowy's inside is every bit as beautiful as her outside.

You probably don't even realize it yet, but you need Snowy just as much as she needs you. Come meet her and fall in love.


As of right now (8/03/17), Mirabelle is approximately three months old. A female orange tabby, she is vey active and loves to run. She loves to throw toy mice into the air, bat balls around, and will chase anything that moves. (Watch those toes!) I betcha she would love to be running after you and chasing you around the house. Come on ... you know you want her to. She would love to be your playmate. Wouldn't you love to be hers?


Freddie is a gorgeous little boy who lost his mom at the tender age of 2 hours. He and his sister Sally were taken care of by a lot of very caring people, and both grew into beautiful young kittens. His sister has gone to a wonderful home, and now Freddie is looking for one of his own. As of 8-03-17, he is approximately two months old and is really a sweetheart. He is a little brown tabby and will be neutered and given his rabies vaccine by Cats Unlimited.


Sterling is a beautiful silver gray kitten. He was found with his mom wandering in the woods. He is somewhat quiet, but loves to play, especially with his his buddy Freddy. Sterling is used to dogs and people. As of 8/3/17, he is approximately 3-1/2 months old, and will be neutered and given his vaccines. Won't you consider being his next new buddy?


Tally is a beautiful short-haired light gray tabby wih some light brown mixed in. (And this gorgeous hair color certainly did not come from Miss Clairol!) She is very friendly and easy going, and would LOVE to have a lap to sit on.. Is yours available, perhaps?

Tally is around three months old (as of 8-03-17), has been spayed, and is up to date on her vaccines. She is all ready to go to a new home, along with her brothers Tiki and Behr.


This is Tiki. He is a medium gray/brown tabby and is approximately three months old (as of 8-03-17). He has been neutered and is up-to-date with his vaccines.

Tiki is very playful and would like a home with lots of toys. He runs around the house looking for fun, but also likes to be held. He will probably be a small cat, as he was the smallest of a litter. One of his brothers has already been adopted, but he and his brother Behr and sister Tally are still looking for their forever home(s). Yours, perhaps?


This is Behr, who is the brother to both Tally and Tiki. He is around three months old (as of 8-03-17), very playful, and incredibly sweet. He is a beautiful long haired kitten now, and undoubtedly will become a beautiful long haired cat. Behr is dark tabby in color, with a very cute little brown nose.

Like his siblings, Behr is longing for a home and a family all his own. Can't you just envision him being in your home?