"The smallest feline is a masterpiece"

-Leonardo Da Vinci, Italian artist



Updated 7/5/2017


Mirabelle is only six weeks old at this time (6-18-17). While she won't be ready for adoption for several more weeks, she is quite ready to play. A female orange tabby, Mirabelle loves to throw toy mice into the air, bat balls around, and chase just whatever moves. She would love to be your playmate. Wouldn't you love to be hers?

Check back often to determine when Mirabelle will be officially ready for adoption.


Meet Snowy. She is a solid white female, approx. 11 years old. She is an indoor kitty only and tends to be a bit shy; however, she just loves to be petted and will purr up a storm. Snowy probably would do best in a one- or two-cat household.

This will be Snowy's 3rd try at a forever home, as she has been adopted twice before and later came back to us through absolutely no fault of her own. Snowy is a lovely, and loving, little girl. Don't let her age frighten you. She's not getting old, she's becoming more mature. And as those of us who are also getting older know, maturity brings its own rewards. Because of Snowy's age, though, we do want to take her to the veterinarian for bloodwork, etc., before she will be ready for adoption. In the meantime, please feel free to call and inquire about her.


Here is another picture of our sweet Snowy, showing off her style and physique. Ahh, to look that good at that age! Age is nothing to fear. What counts is what is inside and, in this case, Snowy's inside is every bit as beautiful as her outside.

You probably don't even realize it yet, but you need Snowy just as much as she needs you. Come meet her and fall in love.


Freddie (aka "Freddie Mercury") and his sister Sally ("Mustang Sally") were born around mid-May. They were rescued by employees at Magic City Ford after their birh mom was killed.

Freddie is a dark gray tabby male and Sally is a light gray tabby female. It would be wonderful to find them a home where they can grow up together. They are too young to adopted just yet, but we thought you might enjoy seeing them.

Check back periodically to see when they're ready for adoption!


You've heard of "fitting in the palm of your hand", well, that's exactly what "Mustang Sally" is doing in this instance. What a little dollbaby! There simply is no way that anyone can resist this tiny little face.

Sally and her brother Freddie will be ready for adoption before too much longer, so check back occasionally to see when she they are being officially ready to be adopted. (PS - She certainly would like to keep her brother with her, if at all possible. Isn't your home the one that these two little heartbreakers will fit into?)


Here's little Freddie, just hanging around and acting all nonchalent until it's time for someone to take him to his new home. Don't you think you could be the someone to whose home he will be going? And perhaps his sister Sally, as well? He will be officially ready for adoption before much longer, so check back this site occasionally to see when he is ready. In the meantime, enjoy looking at that georgous face!