"When a cat flatters ... he is not insincere: you may safely take it for real kindness."

-Walter Savage Landor, English author



Cats Unlimited accepts no responsibility for the cats posted on the lost & found page. All communication needs to be between the parties who have lost or found a cat.

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Updated 10/3/2017




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Female, age: 4weeks           Posted: 5/25/2017

Found: 5/20/2017. Where: Found in our garage, abandoned

Orange tabby, curious, active, good appetite. Has a slit on top of left ear. Eats soft kitten food and kittens replacement milk.

540-817-3353 call or txt


Female, age: 4 weeks           Posted: 5/25/2017

Found: 5/20/2017. Where: Found in my garage, abandoned. I waited 3 days before taking into my home.

Solid black with tabby lines in fur. Calm, quiet, and curious. Eats soft kitten food and kitted replacement milk. Uses litter box I put down in larger holding box.

540-817-3353 call or txt


Female, age: 1 year or younger           Posted: 10/3/2017

Found: 10/1/17. Where: She was trapped under my porch on Hawthorne avenue. I believe she got under there when the landlord was doing renovations without our knowledge and became trapped when the boards were replaced.

She has gorgeous green eyes and an all black coat except for a white patch under her chin. Her coat is shiny and beautiful and she is extremely affectionate and sweet! No collar, but she was obviously very loved. I would hate for someone to be missing her, although we would be delighted to keep her forever. ❤️


Call, text, or email. Ask for Emily.